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Patient of the Month - May 2021

Introducing, Malik! He is our inspirational, lead-by-example, never makes excuses patient of the month for May 2021!


Malik & Dr. Hanna at the new facility in Cedar Knolls

To Malik, coaching is more than just his occupation. Just like us at OTB, his love for all things health and fitness is the basis of his career in educating, motivating and inspiring members of the community to lead healthier lifestyles and attain goals they never thought they could.

When Malik first came to OTB, he was battling unrelenting shoulder pain. It got to the point where he could barely do pushups without intense pain, and it ended up traveling down to his elbow. Forget about bench press and overhead pressing, we couldn't even do a push up!

Fast forward through weeks of manual therapy, movement education, and drilling the "boring stuff" for more repetitions that any of us can remember. Now we're back! Malik has competed in multiple power lifting competitions and has hit multiple PR's! Just 5 weeks ago he totaled 1475 pounds with a 615lb Deadlift, 465lb Squat and 405lb Bench!

Read below to hear his story!


"Hi friends!

I just wanted to highlight my rehab journey with Out of the Box Physical Therapy.

First off I am an athlete and lover of all things fitness.

With that being said, soreness, twinges, and tweaks are all apart of the process.

As a fitness professional I often times don’t take my own advice and I need someone else to take the reigns.

It’s been a wonderful journey dealing with Physical Therapists whose first notion isn’t to tell you to stop doing the things you love.

More than just alleviating my ailments, I’ve since adopted better rehab/prehab practices as I continue to progress in my own fitness journey."


Short and sweet! I'd like to highlight a few things not mentioned:

Malik is an incredible power lifter and athlete. He is also a Lululemon Ambassador and you'll always catch him in the BEST clothes. He and his wife have the cutest daughter and a little frenchie. He coaches at Orange Theory Fitness and does personal training all over Northern New Jersey.

"Contrary to popular belief, all performance based success comes from doing the boring stuff consistently." - Malik

Boring stuff includes slow eccentric dumbbell bench press with your PT giving you cues for proper technique:

Congratulations, Malik on all of your fitness accomplishments. We're excited to continue watching you progress and inspire the community with your great smile and energy!

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