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August 2021 Patient of the Month: Ava Ziegler!

Congratulations to our July Patient of the Month, Ava Ziegler!!

You have been so deserving of the spotlight given your endless dedication to your rehab and skating!


Ava is an incredibly accomplished skater and one of the most dedicated athletes that we've worked with. Her mother Patricia is a staple in the USA Figure Skating community and is a coach and mentor to many of the bright stars in NJ ice skating.

Ava is a smiling face that you will see around OTB and she's doing it all - working out and performance training, recovery, and manual therapy to address nagging pains, decrease injury risk, and improve her power development during skating.

She is always a bundle of energy...except after a long day of skating (sometimes 3-5 hours of practice and working out!) She is probably too humble for our liking, so we'll brag for her:


"Dr. Jesse is an important part of our team. We share our wins and losses with him!"


She has gold medals most recently this year at the Cranbury Cup in Norwood which allowed her the opportunity to compete in International competitions in the Junior division. She is a regional champion, Eastern sectional champion, and a USA National Team member. She is one of 3 members of Team USA competing this week in Slovakia at the Junior Grand Prix. She is working towards her goal of representing the United States in Figure Skating at the next Olympic Games.

With such a rigorous training schedule, Ava has come to us with all types of injuries over the years, big and small; and we're proud to run point for her sports medical needs and always get her back to the ice in the fastest route possible.


"We wouldn't be where we are today without Dr. Jesse!"



Maintaining strength and power while training all-year round is what makes a great athlete exceptional; Ava concurrent is performing a customized strength and conditioning program designed by Dr. Jesse Sattler, who is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist! She does this off ice and at the clinic 2-3x/ weekly and has a daily maintenance program.

Most of all, Ava is a lovely, kind-hearted person who loves chocolate cake, making tiktok videos (a few with Dr. Sattler as a feature), dancing, pink drinks from Starbucks, Jordan sneakers and being a role model for her brother Ronny. Her and her family are family to us, and we are so happy to be a part of her journey!



We can't wait to see what your future brings!

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