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June 2021 Patient of the Month - John!

Congratulations to our June Patient of the Month, John Profaci!


"...any time I have an issue with pain or any issue with my athletic performance, Jesse is the first person I text....I’m back to feeling 100% and have been playing absolutely gross as of late, but I’m humble about it, obviously."


John has been working with Dr. Jesse Sattler throughout his high school career as an ice hockey player. They first met during an athletic screening, and have been working together ever since! John brings a hilarious and fun energy into the clinic that we really enjoy having.

Working tirelessly to play hockey in college, John has seen Dr. Jesse for not only rehab, but for injury prevention as well. He even gets his strength and conditioning program designed by Dr. Jesse and does his training right here at OTB!

Read below to hear his story in his own (hilarious) words!


Sup beauties,

First off, I just wanted to say what an honor it is to be named Patient of the [Month] at OTB. It feels unreal to achieve one of my life-long goals. I’d like to thank my parents, coaches, and friends for helping me reach this point. I hope the little kids reading this blog at home look at me and the example I set, and say; “Yeah, I too can achieve my dreams in life. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it.”

So yeah just a little about me: I’m John, a 20 year old junior hockey player. I grew up in Madison, NJ and attended Seton Hall Prep for three years. I then moved away from home at 17 to play for the Philadelphia Jr. Flyers, while finishing high school online (before it was cool. Some call me a trendsetter, not a big deal). These days, I am preparing to enter my age-out year of juniors and am fired up to be playing for the Seacoast Spartans EHL team based out of Exeter, NH. If all goes well this season, hopefully I will make my college commitment and achieve my (other) life-long goal of playing NCAA ice hockey.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Jesse almost exactly six years ago when he was practicing at a facility in East Hanover. After conducting a Functional Movement Screen, Dr. Jesse told me my hip mobility was essentially like the personality of your average Delbarton student; complete trash. We got to work on that, and my progress was unreal. From then to this day, any time I have an issue with pain or any issue with my athletic performance, Jesse is the first person I text. And it’s a good thing I have him as a resource since I seem to have a multitude of issues, which include but are not limited to: knee pain, tight hips, multiple concussions, limited shoulder mobility, working too hard, and severely oversized muscles.

If you are a current or recent OTB patient, odds are you’ve seen me in the office working out. You’ve also probably then wondered why someone is using a medical practice as their personal workout facility. Well I had some pretty awful luck with my health last season and ended up missing virtually the entire year. At one point doctors were telling me I’d have to give up competitive hockey forever. Luckily, this was not the case, but once I got the go-ahead to play again, I was extremely out of shape. When I got home from my season and started up with Dr. Jesse again, he offered to not only make me a custom workout program, but to let me train at OTB and recover with the Normatec Boots at a great price. Now I’m back to feeling 100% and have been playing absolutely gross as of late, but I’m humble about it, obviously. This is a great example of why I’ve stuck with Dr. Jesse all these years and recommend him to everyone who needs a PT who goes above and beyond. Plus OTB has a service dog named Cody who has become my new favorite workout partner and is all around a very good boy.


John still works out consistently at OTB and you can usually find him still trying to figure out how to use the Ski Erg or going so fast on the Assault Bike you can't hear the person next to you.

We love having you, John, and wish you all the best during your final year in Junior Hockey!

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