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July 2021 Patient of the Month: Maddie McGovern!

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Congratulations to our July Patient of the Month, Maddie McGovern!

You have been so deserving of the spotlight given your dedication to your rehab and dance!


To say Maddie is a great dancer is an understatement. Even injured, she'd place high at almost every dance competition she competed in. When asked about her achievements from the past weekend, she was less interested in bragging about her performances, but more so in updating me on her social life than her accolades in dance. She's never one to brag - she doesn't have to! She is humble, graceful and a lot of fun to be around.


"Working with Dr. Hanna Schenkman during my dance season has been less of a chore and more of a fulfilling activity. The way their practice works was always such a warm environment that pushed me mentally, into wanting to work harder physically."

- Maddie


In order rehab Maddie's hip, she took a brief break from dance (2-3 very long weeks). In this time, we targeted the movements in dance that were contributing to her pain and dysfunction, eliminated those movements and substituted them for safer ones during her acute and subacute phases of rehab, and focused on addressing her weaknesses in mobility and strength. When she returned to dance after those few weeks, she was implementing what she learned in PT while still holding off on the more aggressive movements.

With each new week came more testing in the clinic to deem movements safe to do at dance, and before she knew it, she was competing again!


"I first came in with an ongoing hip injury that refused to quit, I felt hopeless and devastated over the time I had to stay out of dance. I never would have imagined the quick and strong results I had after going consistently each week. I am eternally grateful for how much the people at Out of the Box (especially Dr. Schenkman) cared for me, and my recovery."

- Maddie



We focused on a lot on hip and trunk strength and stability in the frontal plane through resistance training and plyometrics while in the clinic.

Maddie is now performing a customized strength and conditioning program designed by me, Dr. Hanna Schenkman, who is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist! She does this at home, 3 days/week in her off season.

This will help build the strength and stability she needs to perform her challenging dance routines without compromising her joints, ligaments and tendons.



We can't wait to see what your future brings!

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