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What is the FMS & how can it benefit me?


This athlete is performing the Hurdle Step movement of the FMS


FMS - Functional Movement Screen

The FMS is comprised of 7 movements, some foundational and some functional. This means, there are some movements in this screen that everyone should be able to perform regardless of athletic abilities.

In addition to the 7 movements, clearing tests of commonly injured/painful body parts are performed, and if pain/discomfort is felt during any of these clearing tests or 7 movements, the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) is already there to guide you through the next steps towards eliminating that issue.

What's so great about the FMS?

Not only does it provide you with a score that will compare you with other athletes in your sport, age, and competition level, it also allows the DPT to assess your movement in essential positions that you use in performance and everyday life.

You may not have pain now, but a faulty movement pattern can be a precursor to an impending issue if not addressed. The DPT will catch this faulty movement pattern during the screen and show you ways to improve how you move, avoiding future pain and injury.

Scoring System

You will receive score on each of the 7 movements ranging from 0-3.

0: pain during movement

1: cannot perform

2: acceptable/able to perform

3: performed optimally/perfectly

So, if there are 7 movements, and the best score you can receive is a 3, the highest score you can get is a 21. That means your perfect right?! NOT ALWAYS! As mentioned above, specific sports, and even positions require some level of "imperfection" for optimal performance in that position. Your DPT will help you determine where you sit in relation to athletes like you!

Where is the FMS used?

- NFL combine


- Olympic level sports


- High School & Collegiate athletes all over the world!

How can I get screened?

Call or email us today to schedule your appointment! Again, you don't have to be injured to receive a screen or even get physical therapy! We are your movement specialists.

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