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Is Physical Therapy For Me?

Updated: Feb 22, 2019


Are you wondering why your friend is going to physical therapy weekly even though you see them lifting heavier than you at the gym, running more miles than you in a week, or just plain "seems healthy"?

Answer me this:

- Are you an athlete?

- Do you sit at a desk all day but workout 3-4 times a week?

- Are you a weekend warrior?

- Do you run for fun?

- Do you have fitness goals, but are not sure how to achieve them?

- Do you have health goals, but are not sure how to achieve them?

- Are you pain free, but can't seem to achieve a certain position no matter how many mobility drills you do? (i.e. get below parallel or deeper into your squat)

- Are you a competitive runner but can't seem to run past a certain mile mark without a nagging ache/pain, or are having difficulty with your hill and speed workouts?

- Do you work on your feet all day?

- Are you a mom (doesn't matter how old your children are) who can't seem to prevent leaking during jumping or heavy lifting movements?

- Have you hit a wall during any benchmark movement and can't seem to get past it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, OR if these questions made you relate to, or create a new question, you most likely would benefit from talking with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to determine your needs.

Common Misconceptions

1. But don't I have to have an injury to go to physical therapy?

2. I thought physical therapy was only for my 80 year-old grandparent who fell and broke their hip.

3. Isn't physical therapy for people who broke a bone or just had surgery?

4. I'm athletic, I don't need physical therapy.

While 1-3 are TRUE, physical therapy is NOT exclusively for those who fit in the first 3 above categories. Everyone can benefit! Sometimes, all you need is postural correction at your 8 hour desk job to help increase your squat depth! Seems weird right? Not to us!

Come find out what we're about and what your individualized plan would be to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be!

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