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January Patient of the Month: Tom D'Elia

Congratulations to our first POM for 2023, Tom!



Tom has been part of the OTB Family, way before he became a patient!

Last July, Tom (finally) had a Total Knee Replacement. Prior to the surgery, he was coming in consistently for "prehab" to get as strong as possible. This yields better outcomes from any surgery! He has been one of the most consistent and dedicated patients we have ever come across, and he is always keeping us on our toes with the wide array of medical, health, fitness and nutrition questions he throws our way!

Having made a full recovery, exceeding his and his surgeons expectations, Tom is now fully returned to the gym with "no restrictions". Through his months of coming to OTB, he has learned how to appropriately progress, regress, modify and cater to his own specific needs in the gym and at home. Now, we've moved on to working on his shoulder and other injury prevention treatments!


Read below to hear from Tom:

"I have been working with OTB for several months with PT for shoulder, neck and knee pain. We did over 2 months of work with my right knee to prepare for Total Knee Replacement. Their suggestion to do pre-surgery PT relieved much of the pain and has now (had surgery July 19 22) helped my recovery substantially. Strengthening my knee has allowed me to recover much faster with less pain. Jesse and Hanna are excellent doctors because they care about their patients; they’re always engaged and ask how I’m feeling along with answering any questions I may have. Their dog Cody is very lovable and he’s great for therapy. In addition, the OTB staff is outstanding. Danielle and Patrick are top notch aides; they’re friendly, knowledgeable, and are always focused on my exercise form. They also accept students on their clinical rotations and train them exceptionally well. They are always attentive to my comfort levels while pushing me to my threshold. Lastly, the OTB front desk staff (Josh & Windsor) are always friendly and fun to talk to. OTB has been a wonderful healing experience for me. I intend to continue therapy on other areas of my body when the knee PT is completed. I would always recommend OTB for the best care possible!!"


Thank you for the kind words, Tom, but more importantly, thanks for being such a great patient, friend and OTB Team Member!!

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