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Patient of the Month - September 2019

I'd like to introduce to you, our SEPTEMBER PATIENT OF THE MONTH:

Anil Vegesna!!!

Anil after his 10K in Brooklyn!


Anil came to OTB PT earlier this year with the goal to run a 5K, but was unable to run without knee and Achilles pain. His goal was to eventually run a 10K, and to complete it pain free! After performing a Functional Movement Screen and thorough Evaluation, Anil's treatment plan ended up being very straight forward!

Anil getting his FMS at JackRabbit in Morristown! Hanna will be there on dates TBA performing free screens!


It not only included manual therapy along with extensive movement education, but also footwear change and a great running plan that was tailored specifically to Anil, to ensure appropriate progression in distance and appropriate rest and strength supplementation.

With his individualized plan, Anil made strides in his rehab/training and completed not only a 5K, but a 10K as well!!

WAY TO GO ANIL!!!! Read below to hear his point of view

Anil and his running coach, Katie and his OTB PT, Hanna after they all completed a 5K! PR's for everyone!!!


“Growing up playing soccer and basketball, I always knew stretching and dynamic warmups were important. After not playing for over 8 years, I lost touch of taking the time to stretch before and after each activity. This correlated to more pain in my muscles and less flexibility.

"After consulting with OTB, they were able to point out a few possible areas of improvement just by examining me through a simple movement screen. Hanna has been a huge help in not only showing me new dynamic exercises but also teaching me how my body works.

"Through the first three months of proactive physical therapy, I have been able to run a 5 and 10K without any pain or discomfort! I am continuing to stretch before and after exercising and I have truly seen a difference in my performance. Thank you Hanna and OTB for your continued support!”

FUN FACT: Anil is the man behind the camera!! He's the awesome photographer who has taken all of the photos for the gym and our website!! Check him out @captured_by_av !!!!

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