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OTB Rx'd

Optimize Performance | Reduce Injury Risk


What is OTB Rx'd?

OTB Rx'd is our latest development in preparing you for whatever lies ahead.

We all know that "Rx" is the abbreviation for "prescription". This is just that! Your Prescribed Program from the Doctors of Physical Therapy at OTB. Whether you are preparing to run a marathon, compete in a weightlifting competition, or are just trying to maintain an active lifestyle, OTB Rx'd will help you perform your best while keeping injury at bay.

We will be releasing short videos, tutorials, and posts about certain topics. This will include specific body parts and injuries, workouts, and other health related topics.

If you are a patient with us, you have already been receiving education through your home exercise routine and your time spent with us in the clinic. This is just another way to find education about other topics that you know will be from a reliable source, since you have lived through the successes of our practice!

Follow along as we continually build our OTB Rx'd library. Our goal is to help you gain independence in maintaining your physical health and wellness. We hope you enjoy the journey and learn a lot along the way.

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