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November Patient of the Month

Congratulations to our November P.O.M., Bhupendra!!

Bhupendra has been such an inspiration from the beginning of our time together! Recently diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, Bhupendra made it his mission to not only delay the progression of the disease, but to enhance his quality of life and become more active than he was before!

In addition to consistently coming to OTB week after week, he has also been training 1-2 times per week with his personal trainer and following his ever changing Home Exercise Program every single day!

Since he began with us, he has enhanced his gait pattern, improved his involved shoulder impingement, and increased his cardiovascular endurance and strength of his core, legs and upper body! He is such a great energy to have at OTB and is always asking to do more at the end of each session.

Read below to hear about Bhupendra's experience first hand:

"I enjoy being part of the OTB family! My favorite part of coming to Out of the Box is the staff and their personal approach to connecting and helping their patients. The manual therapy and exercises have helped me live my day to day so much better. I used to walk with my right arm stiff at my side, and now it is swinging much more naturally than before. They always make sure I'm doing my exercises properly, and now I have confidence I can do them the right way at home."

Congratulations again, Bhupendra!

Continue pushing yourself to be your best self and inspiring everyone you meet to maintain positivity and a sense of humor no matter what life throws our way.

Thank you for keeping us smiling and laughing every time you come to OTB!!

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