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February 2022 Patient of the Month: David Studen

Congratulations to our February 2022 Patient of the Month: David Studen!



David has been working with Dr. Jesse on and off for a few years now. He is one of our most dedicated patients and understands the hard work it takes to recovery from an injury as well as maintain his health post-recovery. David is a former D1 college athlete and personal trainer in the area that is devoted to his clients and values 1-on-1 care, promoting proper recovery and early movement post-injury. His attention to detail aligns perfectly with ours and it is a large part of why he has been able to stave off multiple surgeries and medical injections over the past couple of years. He has seen what the industry has to offer and trusts us, the way we trust him, building a great collaborative relationship in the process. Read about his journey with Dr. Jesse, physical therapy, and OTB below!


"What do you value? What do you hold to the highest standard? My highest standard is my health and when I had a surgeon tell me my days of lifting weights are, “done,” from a back injury; nothing more than a bike and some machines from now on; that didn’t sit well with me."

"Years ago from a nagging football injury, I sought out Jesse for help and he did just that so who else would I turn to now with my back? I told Jesse exactly what the surgeon said and he just replied, “yea I don’t think you’re done; definitely something to work on, but I wouldn’t say done.” It wasn’t overnight and the amount of press-ups I did set a new world record, but after working with Jesse in the weeks that followed, I was back under the bar squatting the way I want to."

"Jesse is exactly the type of physical therapist I sought out and stayed with all these years (now I just go not because I’m injured, but to prevent it and nicks and pains happen and it gets treated). I’m not just another patient at OTB; no one is with Jesse, Hanna, or Nick. They take patient care to the level it should be; they get to know you, make you feel at home and comfortable, and their mission is to help you recover from whatever ails you. Jesse tries to put the puzzle together to help you and he doesn’t stop trying to help until that puzzle is completed to where you no longer are in need of him..."

The ultimate way to recover from a heavy lift!

"I’ve sent many people to OTB from my own gym and one by one each person I’ve sent raves about OTB being such a great place and helping them get out of pain and back to doing whatever it is they love to do. There’s no where else I want to go or will go and just like I said above, what do you value? I value OTB and the services they provide; I can’t thank Jesse enough for all he has done for me to make sure I’m not “done” doing what I love to do."




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