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April 2022 Patient of the Month: Luca Simoniello!

Congratulations to OTB Athlete Luca Simoniello!

For your hard work and dedication, you deserve everything coming to you!


“Every time a teammate mentions an injury, I recommend OTB, and every time they tell me that I’m crazy for driving 30 minutes for PT when there are dozens of offices in within 5 minutes. They don’t understand the difference between a regular PT office and OTB."


To say Luca is a pleasure to have at OTB would be an understatement. Aside from his dedication and hard work committed to his well-being and physical performance, he is a great source of entertainment at every visit. The injury rehab process is rarely an easy pill to swallow, and Luca has a humorous and lighthearted approach to what is usually a daunting and sometime scary road ahead. He has fully entrusted Dr. Jesse and OTB with his care, to the point where he can enjoy each visit without fear of the outcome, since he has had so much success with PT thus far.

Luca is a high school baseball pitcher, and started seeing Dr. Jesse for a shoulder injury. He recovered nicely, but started experiencing new aches and pains months down the road.

"About 8 months ago, the shoulder injury that I was in PT for was starting to feel better, and I was happy to be pain free"


There was no hesitation to where he would seek care from when his lower back starting to bother him. OTB embraces their name by looking at the body as a whole, and collaborating with the appropriate health care professionals to delivery to best care for each patient. In Luca's case, Dr. Jesse had him consult a physiatrist who specializes in spinal conditions to rule out any more serious diagnoses and confirm his treatment plan. After they were in agreement, Luca's plan of care was executed flawlessly!

Luca has now returned to baseball and is pitching his senior year. He has learned a routine to perform prior to playing as well as a separate routine for his off days and recovery. He frequently comes in for "Tune Ups" to remain healthy and keep injury at bay.


"OTB physical therapy has been a staple of my weekly routine for well over a year now.

What a fun office, thanks OTB!”

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