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August 2022 Patient of the Month: Maryellen Jochim!

Congratulations to our August 2022 Patient of the Month, Maryellen Jochim!!

Maryellen & her daughter, Claire getting a reward after PT!

Maryellen is a great example of consistency, patience, and hard work paying off! The biggest variable contributing to her amazingly fast, safe, and successful recovery from her ACL reconstruction surgery was her dedication to PREHAB. This is participating in physical therapy BEFORE your scheduled surgery to optimize your range of motion and strength. Research shows this leads to much more successful outcomes after surgery!


Read below to get her POV on her injury and her recovery:

"A little over four years ago, I decided I needed to make a drastic change in my fitness routine. I was approaching forty, had two young daughters at home and was working countless hours at my job. I had heard of a new CrossFit gym opening in my town and I decided to take a class. Now four years later, CrossFit has given me strength, endurance, an amazing group of friends, and unfortunately, some back discomfort."

"A friend of mine from our gym suggested I see Dr. Jesse for my back and for over six months, he helped me identify certain lifts where I was feeling discomfort and work on strategies to strengthen my core and lessen the pain. My back was starting to feel stronger and I was excited to continue my fitness journey. Unfortunately, ski season had other plans and while out in Colorado with my family, I badly injured my knee on the slopes. Once I received a possible ACL tear diagnosis at the clinic, I texted Dr. Jesse. He responded immediately with recommendations for knee orthopedists and a plan to visit OTB as soon as we returned home.

"Once an MRI confirmed my ACL injury, Dr. Jesse put a plan in place to help me regain range of motion prior to my surgery. Within a day of my surgery, Dr. Jesse was checking up on me and within 10 days post-op, I was back in the OTB office.

"Dr. Jesse and Dr. Hanna went above and beyond during those first few months to ensure I was safely working through my PT. Every random question I texted was answered right away, and while in the office, Dr. Jesse took the time to talk through every twinge of discomfort or soreness, and focus on gaining back strength and range of motion."

"Once I was ready, Dr. Jesse gave me a list of activities I could start to do at the gym and we worked together in the office to confirm I was performing each properly. I cannot adequately convey just how grateful I am to Dr. Jesse, Dr. Hanna and the entire OTB staff for their overwhelming care and support. Most days, I came to PT ready to push myself to heal faster and get stronger, yet there were times when I was in pain or simply discouraged. Dr. Jesse and Dr. Hanna took queues to push or hold back and it truly made all the difference.

"Now five months later, my range of motion is back and I’m getting back to running, jumping and lifting heavier at the gym. I have seen firsthand the standard for PT post-injury and there’s no comparison to what I received at OTB.

"Next up, ski season!"


We are so proud of how far you have come and even more excited to see what your future holds! It's the best feeling when the patient and the entire healthcare team reaches all of our goals, and it is truly because of the hard work and dedication from everyone involved.

Here are some more pictures of Maryellen doing CrossFit post-surgery!

Congratulations again, Maryellen!!

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